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DoD Releases Comprehensive Energy Policy

By Rachel Posner | April 16, 2014

DoDD 4180.01 - "DoD Energy Policy"   (Related Link)
2013 DSD Guidance Initiating the Policy    (Related Link)
On April 16, 2014, Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Christine H. Fox signed out DoD Directive 4180.01, “DoD Energy Policy.” As the Department’s first overarching defense energy policy in over 20 years, this new Directive provides a common energy framework to guide the full range of defense energy activities, including operational energy, facilities energy, and energy-related elements of mission assurance. The Directive also codifies responsibilities for implementing the energy policy across OSD, the Joint Staff, Combatant Commands, Military Services, and Defense Agencies.

The Directive establishes that “It is DoD policy to enhance military capability, improve energy security, and mitigate costs in its use and management of energy.” To these ends, DoD will:
  • Improve energy performance of our weapons, installations, and military forces;
  • Diversify and expand energy supplies and sources, including renewable energy sources and alternative fuels;
  • Adapt core business processes – including requirements, acquisition, planning, programming, budgeting, and execution – to improve the DoD’s use and management of energy;
  • Analyze and mitigate risks related to our energy use; and
  • Promote innovation for our equipment as well as education and training for our personnel, valuing energy as a mission-essential resource.
At a hearing earlier this month, ASD Burke noted that these “basic principles already guide [DoD] activities.” This new Directive, initiated by Deputy Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in June 2013, formalizes those principles and provides a much-anticipated common energy narrative for the Department. As the Nation’s largest single user of energy – spending an estimated $19B on fuel and electricity in 2013 – DoD will use this Directive to advance energy security, mitigate costs, and enhance military capability through energy improvements in the years ahead.

Rachel Posner is Deputy Director for Policy and International Engagement in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy.

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